Debit Collection

Good lawyer can obtain a judgment BUT the Best can Recover Monies

Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants worked in the field of debt collection in accordance with professional standards, rules and systems and under a legitimate umbrella that conforms to the teachings of Islam. The office has the ability to achieve the greatest success in debt recovery by using many solutions that may change depending on the situation and nature of the creditor and debtor. We have the necessary skills to negotiate and persuade and know when and how to escalate gradually, we also know how to deal with the most frequent and common excuses, and we are committed to maintaining the strict confidentiality of our clients' accounts and information. The collection of bad debts does not only require knowledge of all legal and regulatory aspects related to those debts, but also needs to be familiar with many other aspects, as well as regulatory, legal, ethical and professional compliance controls with special communication skills and a high ability to analyze and plan.

  • Attorney's fees include the cost of the following work:
  • Conducting telephone conversations with debtors.
  • Send emails regarding any amounts collected from a debtor.
  • Determining the meetings for discussion and negotiations necessary for any settlement with any debtor.
  • Follow up on emails.
  • Negotiating debt payments.
  • Review the documents submitted by the debtor client.
  • Drafting a settlement agreement.
  • Drafting and sending the legal notice (internally from the law firm).
  • Drafting a judicial warning (sending through Dubai Courts)

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