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Most commercial transport transactions around the world are done by sea, so successful traders rely on reputable shipping companies and experienced seafarers. Despite that, these transactions often result in judicial or arbitration disputes. Either about contract agreements or what results from them during the unloading of ships or their loading of goods during receipt or delivery.

The United Arab Emirates is an important maritime port to the Middle East, and maritime trade and maritime transport constitute about 75% of most commercial transactions around the world. Therefore, the legal processes that take place find their stability within the legal department specialized in maritime issues and what arises from disputes, agreements and contracts in this field, so we provide The largest amount of legal expertise that fits with the aspect of speed in the procedure and decision-making in maritime cases without any failure and its
completion in the proper legal manner. We summarize for you a number of experiences that serve you in the maritime field and related issues.

The main topics that we deal with in the field of maritime business in Hussein Al-Sayed’s office Your counseling guide:

  • Bills of lading disputes
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Air and land freight business and transport of dangerous materials
  • Disputes related to ship charter parties
  • Collision accidents
  • Crew wages
  • Natural disasters
  • Debt collection
  • Goods transport, loading and unloading services, and logistics support services
  • Claims related to insurance on the ship’s structure and equipment
  • Marine insurance
  • Transfer agreements Operational obligations and agreements Options
  • Work on board ships and personal matters
  • Consultation for insurance, indemnity and protection clubs, protection against shipping fines, delays and defense
  • Pollution
  • Maritime salvage claims Ship
  • impounding (boat impounding)
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Ship financing
  • Responsibility of the shipowner and issues related to insurance against potential risks and marine insurance Ship
  • registration
  • Procedures related to ship insurance
  • Legal fees due to ports and seizure of ship

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