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The number of real estate lawyers in Dubai is quite a lot, however it serves the market demand because cities like Dubai have become the hub of the most lucrative residential projects in the world to meet the high standards of living that their citizens want. As the business hub of the Middle East, connecting western markets with its eastern counterparts, the UAE has become a bridge where commercial real estate has grown exponentially over recent decades.

In keeping with the needs of the vast number of residential and commercial property owners, we have developed a mixed-use profile for a real estate company in Dubai. We pride ourselves on helping individual clients and corporate investors in the real estate market in the UAE. Whether you are a commercial skyscraper owner about to lose your investment due to construction delays, a property manager in need of a real estate permit, or an apartment complex owner trying to resolve a rental dispute with one or more tenants, you can count on us to provide the highest quality real estate legal services to you.

Complete Real Estate Legal Services in the UAE
As a professional team that provides quality real estate legal services in the UAE, we have developed streamlined processes to make service delivery faster and more convenient without compromising quality standards. Fully compliant with applicable regulations, our practices as real estate attorneys in the UAE are always in line with the country's real estate law jurisprudence.

If you are looking for real estate lawyers in Dubai who can represent you in the courtroom for all kinds of disputes and at the same time represent you in major property sale or purchase deals with impeccable expertise in all these areas, our team will definitely not disappoint you.

The most common real estate cases in the UAE that our team deals with include the following legal issues:

  • Negotiation and verification of the sale/purchase contract
  • Tenant and owner
  • disputes Tenancy disputes between tenants and landlord
  • Rent review of commercial and residential real estate assets
  • Contractor, developer and investor disputes
  • Lease renewal negotiations

One of the most trusted real estate law firms in the UAE
Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants is represented in collaboration with Rashid Advocates and Legal Services clients in all areas of real estate law through professional conciliation, mediation and arbitration services while meeting the needs of small and large investors and property owners alike. Considered one of the most trusted real estate law firms in the UAE, we are proud to represent all parties involved in the real estate industry in the country

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