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Lawyers for Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants usually handle requests for disputes related to the two cases arising in this regard:

Settlement of Internal Market Insurance Disputes - Claims between brokers, insurance company and reinsurance companies.
Settlement of disputes between the insurance company and the insured - disputes between clients of companies or the government / institutions of the private sector and the insurance companies insured by them.
Resolving intractable insurance disputes certainly requires neutrals who are not only familiar with the law but know the impact of commercial and market disputes. Our attorneys have extensive experience in resolving complex disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Sometimes insurers intend to pay partial claims that are not full compensation for losses, or even deny the claim entirely for the sake of profit. Some insurance companies in the UAE try to find loopholes or try to implement in vague terms and unclear language and bury the minute details in order to deny the claim or delay the claim until the policyholder surrenders or accepts less than the total amount of coverage.

In those cases, we provide the best legal solutions for the policyholder to claim the insurance company for what he is entitled to.

Theoretically, the insurance company is on the side of the beneficiary at the moment of the circumstances listed. But, usually, the insurance company becomes the opponent and the customer ends the dispute for the equivalent of a mini-trial to get his due. Our attorneys handle all types of insurance disputes, including auto, health, life, long-term disability, credit, employer and marine insurance claims.  If you are unaware of the value of the insurance, or the insurance company denies or refuses to make a suitable offer, then you should contact us and speak with one of our lawyers and they will provide you with a free consultation

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