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Our office includes Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants, a group of professors lawyers and legal advisors specialized in everything related to personal status law and family law, the most skilled legal advisors and personal and family status lawyers. We have an integrated team of highly qualified lawyers specialized in matters of marriage, divorce, khul', all kinds of alimony, custody, proof of parentage, inheritance and inheritance. Our team can assist you with procedures related to family and divorce cases. Our lawyers can also intervene to settle family situations by providing advice to the spouses before embarking on legal issues. Since Sharia is the basis of laws in the UAE, there are some regulations that must be followed. Our lawyers can guarantee you an amicable settlement of your family problems.

Working as highly qualified divorce lawyers with significant practical experience, our team provides effective guidance to everyone in the UAE regardless of the cast. Most importantly, our team has an in-depth understanding of family laws and divorce laws in the UAE. Thus ensuring that cases are taken care of with sensitivity and strict confidentiality.

In matters of divorce, we also file maintenance before or during the divorce. The right to alimony is not only granted to the wife, but also to all dependents of the person which includes the person’s children and parents and therefore each one of them has the right to claim it. The divorce process is sensitive and private, confidentiality is enforced in the company and all employees are monitored to maintain privacy during and after the successful divorce.

Negotiation and settlement

In the event that you wish to settle the matter amicably, you can choose a different method of dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and conciliation. Here, mediation offers a cost-effective, quick and non-aggressive way to resolve the issue by giving divorced spouses a chance to reflect on their decisions which is one way to avoid resorting to court proceedings.

Our family lawyers focus on areas such as:

  • Inheritance and inheritance matters
  • Quarantine for the minor and appointing a guardian over his money
  • Legal
  • guardianship Custody and guardianship issues
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • marital alimony
  • Proof of parentage
  • Domestic violence / and more….

Our Personal Status Department lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates have the expertise required to effectively advise on divorce, legal negotiations and more. With legal experts, we guarantee to provide you with legal and friendly solutions in the simplest ways

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