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About Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants

Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Advocates & Legal Consultants is a reputed full-service Law Firm established In Alexandria then expanded by excellent services, relationships and Cooperation with Advocate Rashed to provide legal services of any level across the UAE and Arabian Gulf.
We earned our reputation through our distinctive business approach, commitment and understanding with our clients. We strive to generate a premium level of legal assistance to solve the range of issues confronted by both businesses and individuals. The main pillars that we depend on are time management, transparency and efficiency to reach an effective litigation process.
Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Advocates & Legal Consultants staffed with the experience, knowledge and professionalism to deal with the most complex legal challenges and we pride in our unrelenting commitment to the excellence.
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Hussein ElSayed
Why Companies & Individuals are Interested in Cooperating With Us?

Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants is a network of lawyers that has gained popularity with their outstanding and unconventional thinking that has enabled our clients to succeed in various important legal matters and corporate transactions. Our innovative approach is the primary support for various local conglomerates and international companies.

Our services are not only limited to crisis control but also enable entities and individuals to regain their control. We work continuously so that our clients can run their business operations without facing unnecessary hassles or legal hurdles.

 Our lawyers are hard workers and committed to help and provide our clients with the level of services they deserve. We believe that every client who walks through our doors ultimately puts their trust and relies on our ability to advise, assist and represent them through their good and bad times. This understanding helped our journey to reach excellence in legal Services, lawyering and Consultations. 

We are not just a major law firm in the area. But it is a close helper that our customers can always count on

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Our Practice Areas

Civil Law
Our team includes the most qualified lawyers in Dubai, who have extensive experience in civil and labor law and the protection of your legal rights whatever your legal position or party is.
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Commercial Law
We provide all legal services including licenses for corporate bodies in accordance with the laws of companies or franchises and deal with any commercial disputes that may arise between companies.
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Criminal Law
We plead for criminal cases including violations, misdemeanors and felonies before the (Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation, Traffic, Municipality, Public Prosecution, State Security and Military)
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Family & Divorce Law
An integrated team of highly qualified lawyers specialized in matters of marriage, divorce, all kinds of alimony, custody, proof of parentage and inheritance.
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Real Estate
Real estate investments are a cause of disputes resulting mainly from a breach by one of the parties of its obligations under the contract signed between the parties, the developer and the investor, or between developers.
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Labor Law
We always seek to provide advice to employers and employees in order to deal appropriately with their respective rights and duties under the applicable laws in UAE.
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Our Services

Establishing Companies
Due to huge investments in Dubai, it has become an important city for both offshore and onshore companies
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Disputes Settlement
Our experienced lawyers can help you explore your full range of options for a legal situation, so you do what is best for your family or business
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Trademark Registration
Advocates will take care of your patent and copyrights registration in order to provide lawful protection

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Debit Collection
Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants works in the debt collection field according to professional standards, rules, and regulations and under...
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Document Translation
Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants, besides cases, disputes and debt collection, offers a translation service of better quality than any competitor in the UAE translation market.
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Document Legalization & Document Authentication Services
We are one of the most famous offices in Dubai that provides its clients with certificate authentication services in the UAE - Legalization of certificates in Dubai.
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Our Latest News

Escape will not exempt borrowers from chasing banks!
Some borrowers believe that obtaining large bank loans and then stopping repayment or fleeing abroad, is an easy matter (other than the truth) as the defaulting customer is the stronger party, which makes the banks obliged to make concessions to recover any percentage of their money, claiming that the customer’s imprisonment The defaulter will not return the money to the banks.
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Divorce Of Non-Muslims In UAE
Divorce in today’s modern world has become very common for various reasons like, lack of compatibility, poor communication and some could be for even more grave reasons like infidelity or impotency. At the end of day, the it’s an understanding between the couple to move on for better, that’s why even the laws around the world dealing with family matters has a provision of mutual or amicable settlements
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Debit Recovery in Dubai
A good lawyer is one that can obtain a judgment in your favor; however only the best lawyers can recover your monies
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