About Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants

Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Advocates & Legal Consultants is a reputed full-service Law Firm established In Alexandria the Expanded by well Excellence Services and Relationship and Cooperating with  Rashed Advocates to serve justice and provide legal services of any level across the UAE and Arabian Gulf.
We earned our reputation due to our distinctive business approach, commitment, and understanding with our clients. We strive to generate a premium level of legal assistance to solve the range of issues confronted by both businesses and individuals. These basic principles embody all that we deal with and result in a timely, transparent, and effective litigation process.
Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Advocates & Legal Consultants staffed with the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to deal with the most complex legal challenges and we pride in our unrelenting commitment to the excellence.
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About UAE Offices

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After our outstanding success in Alexandria main law firm, Egypt, Hussein Al Sayed Murshidak Advocates and Legal Consultants began cooperation with Rashid Law Firm in the United Arab Emirates. This cooperation, which began 30 years ago, and which bore fruit with unparalleled success in providing our legal services that include all types of civil, criminal, commercial and family cases related to marriage, divorce, alimony and custody affairs, in addition to legal services related to incorporation, liquidation, dispute settlement and debt collection for medium and large companies, in addition to services Marketing, translation, programming and documentation of documents from around the world. 

After all we are Best law Firm in Dubai

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About Alexandria Offices

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From here, the work of Hussein Al-Sayed Murshidak Law Firm and Legal Consultation began, where we expanded in all kinds of civil, criminal, commercial and family cases related to marriage, divorce, alimony and custody affairs, and then we established a special section for corporate management from a legal point of view with regard to incorporation, liquidation, dispute settlement and debt collection for medium and large companies Then we established a marketing department, a Devolping department, and a translation department, to serve these departments all the services we provide to our customers in Egypt, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

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30 Years of Experience
In Legal Lawyer Services

Our primary dependence in achieving success in the field of law and legal services is our constant interest in our clients, and our commitment to the traditions and ethics of the legal profession in preserving the interests and secrets of our clients. With extensive knowledge of all applicable laws in the United Arab Emirates

Meet our advisors & lawyers Law Firm Staff

Our consultants and lawyers at Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants have their multiple experiences in various fields and are qualified to achieve the highest levels of qualification, which made them at the forefront of legal advisors, and therefore they always renew and update their knowledge through academic learning, scientific research, conference attendance and permanent knowledge of all new local or international regulations, regulations and laws so that Enable them to achieve a head start in knowledge and provide legal protection to our clients and clients

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Counselor Hussein ElSayed
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Counselor Samier Khalifa
Counselor Mahmoud Elbrince
Counselor Mustafa Elsayed

Meet our Debit collection Law Firm Forces in DUBAI

In Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal Consultants, we call them the Debt Collection Forces, because they are distinguished by their passion and keenness to search, persistence and strong communication that always achieves guaranteed results in the collection of Debits and troubled funds. They carry on their shoulders the responsibility of returning money to our clients by visiting those Defaulters in their Workplace, Home or places they used to visit and continuous diligent contact through mobiles and emails, in contrast to the size of the strong relationships that characterize these forces that force the defaulter to return the money.

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Mr. Islam Bahi
Mr. Ahmed Tharwat
Mr. Ali Mohamed
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